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Writer, Artist, Poet, Channel.
I speak for the Seas, Forests and Mountains.

Messages from the world of Nature


My latest book! 

I will update the bookstore shortly.

The cover is self-explanatory to all who know about Lightbody.  

We are evolving higher to the next powerful stages.

This book relates the process and ways in which to assist it.

25 July: Mayan Day Out Of Time and Global Day of Love and Thanks to Water. 

In the Mayan Calendar, 13 Moons of 28 days (364 days) leave an extra day before the Mayan New Year begins. This is the Day Out Of Time, when we let go of the last year and set an intention for the New Year ahead.  

Mayan New Year begins on 26 July, the same day as the opening of the ancient Egyptian Lion's Gate portal, 26 July to 12 August. In ancient times this was the flooding of the Nile, a time of great fertility.  The Lion's Gate peaks on the 08:08 Gateway,  8 August, and the entire window is a time for solar and lunar Light Codes to enter and raise our vibration.

Dr Masaru Emoto chose 25 July as a day to fill all the water on the planet with the highest vibrations.  Please send all your love on the highest levels to the Water Energies on 25 July, and in fact, any time! When you're having a shower or bath, doing the washing up, or drinking a glass of water, fill it with love. You will receive many blessings.

Here's a pic of the 24 degree Capricorn Full Moon lunar eclipse of 16 July, which I was blest to see in Italy.  It lasted 2 hours 2 minutes, which means it will affect our lives for the next 2 years and 2 months.  Look for positive life changes ahead!

19 June 2019: I'm writing 2 books at once, to my great surprise! Also feeling the intense Light Codes coming to Earth, and sudden (also intense) flashes of the past to clear. Inspiration for the books seems to come at night-time, so now I've done a first draft of each I'm catching up on sleep! Zzzz.  Love to all, and wishing you Solstice Blessings xx.

SUMMER SOLSTICE 5-DAY WINDOW begins today, 19 June. Solstice exact: 21 June. Happy Solstice! Eclipse season approaches, with a Cancer New Moon/solar eclipse on 2 July, and Capricorn Full Moon/lunar eclipse on 16 July. I love eclipses! The New wishes to enter our lives, and the Old wishes to vanish. A time to let go and let the Divine work it all out for us!


Here's my latest book, number 3 in a trilogy; a profound journey for me to write it, and  I wish you enjoyment in reading it.  All 3 books form a sequence which takes the reader on parallel journeys: geographical and spiritual.  Once on this path, we pass through a series of gateways, and balance our inner divine feminine and divine masculine energies. Thus we emerge into wholeness, the sacred marriage. As you can see from the cover, the journey takes us to the mountains, forests and lakes of Switzerland.  Cover photo by the author.

381 pages with many beautiful all-colour illustrations.

I've not been updating this website in order to finish this book; it is the end of a sequence, and I felt a great urgency to complete it. 

Gateways: available in the bookstore now.  Happy days!  

Taurus Full Moon 24 October 2018

Taurus: strength, grounded energies, abundance, comfort and home.  I felt the powerful triggers of this full moon on 20th as past life memories came up to clear. Since then,  a burst of energy for exercise. I hope you  feel the same; we are still in the rebirth process.  I'm wearing a calcite crystal, bought today.  Judy Hall's Crystal Bible says that calcite is "a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy".  As soon as I put it on my energies soared, and it feels good on the higher heart chakra.  Gold calcite grounds higher mental plane energies into the physical.  Crystals are living beings, and  like to be cleansed daily under running water, to release energies they've taken in.  A short message, so it's here rather than in the blog.  Love xx.

Taurus Full Moon of 24 October 2018: I'm already feeling the transformative energies... more later... a lot of releasing going on, being triggered, and releasing old patterns.  I'll put an excerpt from one of the books on the blog now.  Love to all xx.

The purpose of this website is to publicize my books, so I’m going to write the blog differently. Each piece will be a quote from one of the books, or a spontaneously-channelled message, like this one from a previous month:

“I am your heart, and I give you this advice: let yourself go. Let all fall away, and allow yourself to come to rest, like a butterfly on a flower. Inhale the beautiful fragrance of this flower, and enjoy the moment. Love is all around you, and you are nourished by spirit even when you think not”.

The books are available in hard copy, and several are on Kindle. 

"We're not here to justify ourselves, 

and life is not a competition for approval. We're here to fulfil our life purpose".  

From my book, Temples.



"I will take you to the sacred temples of Newgrange and Tara in Southern Ireland, to experience their transformational energies.  I will reveal the Solar Cross of Ireland and England.  We connect with the bird kingdoms; with Eagle's energy of spirit.  In Dublin, the symmetry of circling seagulls carries its own wonder and beauty. Three winter solstices: one in Ireland, and two in mystical, Celtic Cornwall, the Land of Lyonesse.  In Wiltshire, Savernake Forest, the Wolves of the Night, and Merlin the Magician.  We follow the paths of sacred rivers... and see the henge alignments in the wider landscape".


Temples in the landscape and in cities. We, ourselves, are temples, as divine beings.  From Southern Spain to Southern Ireland, to Wiltshire and Cornwall in England I journeyed, to understand the significance of TEMPLES.

On this website and on Kindle:

The Temple of the Sun and Moon series:

1. The Water Speaks

                                 2. Temples

                                 3. Gateways (almost complete!)



The dwellers of the Deep have trusted me

to speak on their behalf. 

Sun, Moon, Star and Water Temples:

 the Light enters through the spiralling Water Energies.

All  life is a spiral, and Nature a precious gift.

Above, the flow and movement of a weir in Luzern, 

Switzerland, where the river joins the lake.


Photo taken on the 03:03 Gate, 3 March 2018.  The snow could almost be the sea; the ebb and flow of waves.  The tracks of a pigeon... see Blog.

The tracks of a single pigeon in  snow.

Mission Statement:

To stand for an equal relationship of love and respect between ourselves and all other life forms, and our

environment of course, Mother Earth.   

I speak for the Sea and her inhabitants; for the sacred Water Energies; for the trees, mountains, stones,

elementals, animals, insects and birds.  They all want to speak to you through my books, poetry, and artwork.

I am available for visual presentations and talks.

"And the rain remembers

How it was before".