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The Water Speaks


  The ancients saw dragons as the guardians of the five elements:  water, air, earth, fire and spirit.   

Seadragon is a supreme example of the divine masculine at his best.  We will explore the divine masculine and feminine roles, as we follow our hearts.  The waters speak to us of our divine power.  Rain is said to come from the stars, and we are all celestial beings.

I went on a journey through Italy, Ireland, Wales and England, being led to certain places. These experiences I wish to share with you, along with the messages from the water-dwellers, and the sea herself.   You won't regret it!  Remember why you are here, and what you have come here to do.  Expect to experience transformational energies.

 Book One in the series Temple of the Moon.  In full glorious colour, with artwork by the author.  Illustrations and photos on most pages.   532 pages. 

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