Ann Carton 
Writer, Artist, Poet, Channel.
I speak for the Seas, Forests and Mountains.

Messages from the world of Nature




The series Temple of the Sun and Moon is a two-way conversation with Mother Earth, and a transition through states of consciousness.

In book 1, The Water Speaks , we connected with the water energies, and the divine masculine and feminine.  Together they led us on a journey around Italy.  The theme is the hero, both male and female.

The journey continues in book 2, Temples .   Let us step into the shoes of a famous explorer, as we travel in Southern Spain, Southern Ireland and South-West England.  We visit sacred sites on Winter Solstices in Ireland and Cornwall.  Light energies and ceramics play a part.  The theme is the explorer.

410 pages in colour.  Illustrated by the author.

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