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Writer, Artist, Poet, Channel.
I speak for the Seas, Forests and Mountains.

Messages from the world of Nature

Excerpt from my book Dancing Stars & Moon  Messages

"... the times are chaotic, and we need all the help we can get.  The Divine is waiting to be asked for miracles to occur.  Please ask your inner Divinity for help; it will instantly be given.  During the chaos I'm staying calm and centred, reaching out to others in love and understanding, and speaking truth.
We are all One, and we are awakening! ...

Osiris is the Benu Bird, the phoenix of resurrection in eternity, related to human cycles of reincarnation.  We are in the final incarnation; there won't be another one.  We have to ascend from the flames, from our own ashes, in this lifetime.
We are the ones we have been waiting for; please don't wait for someone to rescue you.  The Christ consciousness is within us".

(Page 78).

Thanks for reading. Ann xx.

Next to come: excerpts from my latest book, Dancing Stars and Moon Messages!

Week 4: Yellow Week of Ripening, 16-22 August 2020.

In the 4th and final week of Bat month of Rebirth,
your vision for the year to come becomes so clear
that it is part of  you.
You are your purpose; your purpose is you. 
I wish you well as you co-create your new life with
the Divine.

During Bat month you have taken the time to truly know
the wishes of your heart and soul. I honour your
beautiful spirit.

With love and best wishes for all on this path.
Ann xx.

Week 3: Blue Week of Transformation, 9-15 August 2020.

My Mayan diary tells me that this week is about attracting the energy necessary to transform our desires into purpose.  It follows immediately after yesterday's 08:08 Gate, when the Galactic Codes of the Lion's Gate were at their most powerful and transformational. On 8 August I felt a profound inner peace. The Lion's Gate Portal lasts from 26 July to 12 August.  This Gateway is enabling us all to express our essence on the planet in an inspirational way; the path of our hearts and souls, individual for each one of us.  Our new lives!  What have you always longed to do?

I wish you many blessings in your new life to come xx. Ann.

BAT MOON  Week 2: White Week of Refinement, 2-8 August 2020

How did you get on in Week 1, 26 July-1 August?  On 31 July I designed a business card for a new creative project.  I’ve no idea how I’m going to do it yet; I’ve taken the first step, which was all that I wished to do. In week 2 I redesigned the card with a different image.

In setting a purpose for the year, the secret is to get in touch with your heart’s deepest desires.  These will make your heart sing, and nothing less than this counts.


As you will gather from the name, Week 2 is about refining your purpose.

“Write down your desire every single day, until the words come from your soul”.

So says my Mayan Diary. The action of writing it down will bring up all your insecurities for you to see. You CAN do it, whatever your mind says to the contrary!

Bat Moon is the shamanic death of the old self, and the birth of a new, enlightened one.  We're living in profound and chaotic times.

I suggest lifting your vibrations daily. 

Belief in the Self is all-important now x. Ann.




BAT MOON OF REBIRTH 26 July-22 August 2020

During Bat Moon we give the year a purpose.  We can relax around this as we have 28 days, split into 4 weeks, to allow this process to evolve on its own.  Believe me, your desires will make themselves known to you!  These are the longings of your soul, and relate to your life purpose.  Today, 26 July, I feel the old ME passing away; a shamanic death. Are you feeling it too? I’m exhausted; I’ve come to the end of the road. 

Please be very gentle with yourself as you go through these emotions.


“Bat gives us strength for a shaman death;the power to let your old self die,

and abandon all your ideas about yourself which keep you separated

from your soul path".


Bat Moon has 28 days; 4 x 7-day weeks:


Week 1: Red Week of Initiation.                     26 July-1 August.

Week 2: White Week of Refinement.             2 August-8 August.

Week 3: Blue Week of Transformation.         9 August-15 August.

Week 4: Yellow Week of Ripening.                 16 August-22 August.


Week 1: Red Week of Initiation.  26 July-1 August.

During this week you will be shown your desires, and this will give the year a purpose.

“You will find it easy to recognize your true heart’s desire:

your heart will start beating faster...".

13 Moon Diary recommends accepting this desire, and not pushing it away as ‘impossible’.

It has come to you for a reason: to be heard and acted upon!


In the next blog we will look at week 2: White Week of Refinement.

Thanks to 13 Moon Diary of Natural Time: a way to live the ancient Maya calendar,

by Nicole E Zonderhuis and Sylvia Carrilho, Frontier Publishing, Amsterdam. 

(My copy is from 26 July 2009-24 July 2010).



I've posted a picture of tree roots here to illustrate deep grounding,  focusing on our Light energies and our connection with Mother Earth - not on the dying throes of the shadow energies and their attempts to force compliance with their crazy, contradictory 'rules'.  They know they are beaten; it is almost over for them.  Be the power of Light that you are, a Cosmic Being with far greater powers than the shadow have.  Let's embrace each other with compassion and understanding. Let's stand together as powerful galactic beings, and prepare to step into our new lives as the Mayan Year begins. The stars in the night sky are beaming love to you. Please accept it and return it. Love, Ann xx.


When the Sun conjuncts the Pleiades each year in May, this creates a 3-day Stargate Portal: the doorway home.  A Stargate is a time for vision quests, for staying in tune with your Higher Self, Heart and Soul, and for being open to divine messages and miracles. We come home to ourselves and all that we can be as Galactic Beings. We go within to see the next steps for us on our life path. Let go of any external distractions and harmonize with Yourself and your Life Mission on Planet Earth. This is all that matters.
With love and peace xx.

Here it is!  Book number 13: DANCING STARS & MOON MESSAGES

"Heaven and earth: they are not separate.  The heavens, the stars, the planets are linked with us for our mutual love and understanding".

The Stars play a significant role in our awakening process and our upliftment into higher dimensions whilst here on Earth.

I've written three series of books linked with the Sun and Moon, and Dancing Stars and Moon Messages marks the end of a 13-year sequence for me.  I've completed one aspect of my reason for being here, and I welcome the new work/play which is completely unknown to me as yet. It may involve the books; who knows?

In book 13 I discuss signs and symbols and  numerology: particularly the numbers 12 and 13.  I've explored Celtic, Norse, ancient Greek and Egyptian mythologies to seek out patterns enabling a deeper understanding of our relationship with the Sun, Moon and Stars.  I embrace the all-powerful Knowing within you, dear reader.  
Blessings, and please keep your vibrations as high as possible right now xx.
19 May 2020.


For the Winter Solstice exact 22 December 2019 I was down in Penzance, Cornwall, for an ancient festival of Light called Montol Eve, on 21 December.  I had two cleansing/release experiences, one when I arrived in a huge downpour and there were no taxis at the station. The second came next day, the Solstice exact, when I set out to walk along by the sea towards Marazion, where stands St Michael's Mount.  On the way I decided to put my feet in the sea, as I  do whatever the weather because I am linked with the Water Energies. I decided to be quick as the seas were high, and was sitting on a rock; I'd put one ankle boot and sock back on and was about to pick up the other when suddenly the sea swamped me in an embrace up to my knees, and washed the boot out to sea!  I had longed for a deep connection with the ocean, but not quite like this!  I stood and shouted at the sea, "Bring me back my shoe!", and about 5 minutes later, back it came, full of tiny stones and very soggy. I had to squelch back along the coastal path in that state, then was suddenly bombarded by a heavy rainstorm - there was nowhere to shelter - so the few bits of me that were dry before were now very wet!

The next day I set out in flipflop sandals to buy a new pair of ankle boots.  On 23 December I received a beautiful message that the sea had given me a deeper knowing of eternal truth, and that lasting change would come of it.  So thank you dear Ocean for that precious gift xx.  On my last day there, I visited the site of an Iron Age fort up on the hill near the hotel, and knew that the ancient ones had called me to this place for a reason, a reminder of one of my warrior lives.  And the design name of my new blue ankle boots is Pipistrelle, a form of bat.  Bat = rebirth. How perfect it all is when we relax and allow ourselves to move through these experiences and places, for there is always something magical to be gained.

19 December 2019. Planetary alignment: Earth, Sun and Galactic Centre in Sagittarius.

I've written about this on the front page, so I will only add a few words here in the interests of updating the blog.  After a night and day's torrential rain there was a brief window of glorious sunshine just before the sun set.  It changed all; set everything in dramatic chiaroscuro amidst a vivid sense of aliveness.  I suggest taking it easy if you can today.
All day I felt groggy and didn't do too much. We are integrating these energies, and today is Last Quarter Moon, a time of rebirth.  The Winter Solstice window begins tomorrow, usually a 5-day window, exact on 22 December.  I'll post some pics from the Montol Festival of Light in Penzance on my return.  I wish you all a most blessed Solstice. I wish peace, happiness, love and freedom for all beings everywhere xxx.

11.11.11 Gateway

11 November 2018 equals 11.11.11.  From my heart and soul, a message:  

"You probably feel tremendously tired as a mammoth gateway approaches.  At the same time you feel an extreme urgency - and sense of exhilaration - to complete anything unfinished.  Tying up those loose ends is your fervent desire... and to change the way you live forever!  This gate is more dynamic than any others before it, so please take care of yourself.  Rest, relax, have fun, walk in nature. Know that you are complete and perfect just as you are xx".

The triple 11 gate brings inner peace.  When we know it within ourselves, then we can create it on the outside.  Only then. Time to end duality; we are all One.

Peace, love and unity from me to you. Whoever is reading these words, I send you blessings in your life xx.  And thank you for being YOU in the world. We all chose to be here in these auspicious times.


It's not just the leaves that are falling away; the old self and the patriarchal template we've had to live by is leaving.  However things still appear on the surface in the chaotic 3D world, its influence is disappearing.  When I follow my heart's advice, surrender myself to creative work, and spend time in nature, I feel so much stronger. My soul can fully express, and my heart and soul  speak to me as one.  I'm designing artwork to go with the third book in the Temple of the Sun & Moon series, and it has lifted my spirits tremendously through vibrant colour.  We are ready to step fully into our new lives when we  reinvent ourselves and release totally the old ways of being.  I've been clearing out  books and clothes which don't 'sing' with vibrant energy.  I'm also being advised to rest for a while daily, which means I am not continually 'doing' but simply 'being'.  I can recommend this to everyone xx.

Here's an excerpt from Temples, book 2 in the series:

"Mountains are sun and moon temples.  It is a pity that so many people scramble up them, and that mountaineering has become an adventure tourist industry.  To me the mountains will always be sacred places which speak to us.  It is best to approach them in a centred state, with reverence and awe for their beauty and majesty, so that we can hear their messages.  For they, too, speak to us".  (page 246).

Death and Rebirth

This is my first website (4 years now), and it's been a learning curve. The dramatic Libra New Moon (9 October 2018: 9.10.11) and the 10:10 Gateway (10 October 2018) signifies a double new beginning for us all:  10:10 = 1:1. This has revealed a part of me which has now fallen away, a fearful ‘self’ which held me back from fully engaging with my books and their messages, because I didn’t believe enough in ME, so I wasn’t totally present in what I was doing. I’ve a twitter account (@anncartonbooks), yet I've spent most of my time retweeting the causes of others and not my own.

Time to change all that! I feel a new burst of enthusiasm and, above all, self-belief.  I am now fully committed to this website, and to the books which I've channelled, written and illustrated.  I would love to share them with you, dear readers.   On this blog, as I said on the home page, will be excerpts from the books, which embody the presences of, and messages primarily from the waters, stones, forests and mountains of our beautiful planet.

A deep and lasting connection with Nature is the only thing which sustains and nourishes us as divine Lightbeings.

PS:  For some reason the counter on my website went back to 00.  Strange things happening!  Ann xx.

7 October 2018. Helloooooooooo!

"We're not here to justify ourselves, and life is not a competition for approval.

We're here to fulfil our life purpose".  From Temples.

You must be wondering where I've  been all this time!  I had a fall on 26 July, the Mayan New Year, first day of Moon 1, Bat (Rebirth), and the opening of the Lion's Gate.  I fell into a fountain :) ; I know, it sounds crazy, yes?  But it was a ritual baptism, to take me to the next level.  I was out of action for 8 weeks. 8 is the number of the divine human.  I was made to STOP, completely, to rest and go within.  Then, once the 8 (painful) weeks were up, I was given tuition in new skills relative to the divine human.  I work with the water energies, the elementals, the nature beings; they were inspiring me and giving me messages once I had passed through this initiation time.  Love xx.

25 July 2018.  Mayan Day Out of Time + World Day of Love and Thanks to Water.

The Mayan Year ends on 24 July, then has a day out of time in which to stand still, take stock and review where we've been and what we wish to create in the new year starting 26 July. What a great and necessary idea, and something totally missing, of course, from the Gregorian calendar which is not in tune with nature's moon cycles.

25 July:  Mercury at 23deg. Leo stations retrograde as we prepare to enter the Lion's Gate portal of 26 July-12 August.  The Lion's Gate  transformational light energy peaks on the 08:08 gateway, 8 August.

Love and grateful thanks to all the divine blessings which emanate from water xxx.

27 July is the 4deg. Aquarius full moon and total lunar eclipse.  Eclipses bring change and transformation.  

1 August is officially Lunasagh, feast of the Celtic sun god Lugh, but it was celebrated in ancient times (says the astrologer Marla Kelly) at the full moon closest to 1 August.  So we also are feeling the energies of that!

Love to all in this wondrous time of huge transformation and enlightenment  xx.


Pic:  I set out on a bikeride, but it was so hot and humid that I only reached this shady spot by the river!  That was enough.

July:  great transition and purging.  6 planets retrograde,  time to retrace our steps, decide what old energy is blocking our lives from progressing into Lightbody, and get rid of it. The eclipse season approaches, with a partial solar eclipse on the 20deg. Cancer New Moon on 13 July. I'm already feeling it powerfully. I've  given away even more old things, and released old emotions.

After the exhaustion of June, I feel a great surge of expectancy and positivity, and I look forward to the eclipses and the life changes which will undoubtedly follow for all of us!  I am so conscious of the birds singing in the early morning. Their unity and ability to harmonize is so powerful and it moves my soul to hear their combined song.

All the water energy in my flat backed-up yesterday, and every time I pulled the plug in one place, dirty green muck came out somewhere else! The washing machine delivered this green gunge into the bath as I was having my morning shower, and I had to leap out! (All fixed now! :)).  I'm seeing it as a clearing prior to the eclipse, which forced me to STOP and go within, and above all, to STAY CALM.    Peace and blessings  xx.

Well it's the last day of June, and I can't believe where the month has gone! Unable to post till now, with all the purging and exhaustion of Lightbody changes; best to rest. I'd have made no sense on here, and with a strange viral thing, I had to rest for two weeks.  It took me away from the world whilst I was learning to embrace my new Lightbody template for a life of joy. I also finished the main part of my book; there's only the conclusion to do now, and that can wait for a while. The sunny June weather all over the UK and Ireland is helping the process; the sun plays a major role in our ascension, emitting solar Light codes and lifting our energies.

Summer Solstice exact, 21 June: Here I am in a sacred spring,  the Cross Bath in the city of Bath :), the day I suddenly felt vibrantly alive again. The building  design has sacred geometry incorporating the vesica piscis of sacred union. 

Throughout June, multiple alignments and downloads were bringing up old karmic issues to clear.  The Lion's Gate (26 July - 12 Aug) is always a powerful time, and the eclipse season begins on 13 July in  the UK.   Moon 13 in the Mayan calendar, Turtle Moon, began 27 June- till 24 July.  Moon 13 is all about RESTING, looking back on the year which has gone, and deciding what to create in the next one.  A good time to explore our vision for all that we can be on Earth.  25 July is the Mayan Day Out of Time (again, looking back on the year, and seeing what our heart and soul wish to create in the next year), beginning on 26 July with Moon 1, Bat Moon.

Wishing you all a vibrant, wonderful summer of exciting new beginnings on your soul path, xx.  See you all in July!


For the past three weeks we've all been clearing and purging emotions, old beliefs, belongings and energies which we no longer require as we move into Lightbody.  A friend with so much to live for passed over, and I went inward, processing the sadness.  Life on the outside just felt too much. Then I went to a music event on 9 May, and it brought me alive again.  All the people there knew him so much better than I did,  yet I had felt it so deeply.  And suddenly the joy was there again!  My higher Self told me:

"Now you understand the process, for you have experienced the other side, the dark side to the full.  Only then are we able to choose the Light".

We are all giving birth to  a new template for life: the Template of Joy. Being out in nature daily will help us tremendously to move through this transition.  My heart says: "Sparkle with joy from now on!".  With love from me xx.

The month of May, Beltane and the 05:05 Gateway

Due to Light energy uploads for the last month or so, I've been waking at night every two hours, so although I meant to post for 1 May, Beltane, and the 05:05 gateway, 5 May, I was unable to.  I hope you understand :).

On Beltane I received this message from my heart:

To go freely is the most precious gift.  

To know no sorrow, and to bend with life; 

Its ebbs and flows merely part of the dance.

I drew a card for the 05:05 gateway:  9 of cups, the wish card.  What more can I say?  Life wants to give us so much!  Thank you Universe xx!

I always consult cards, usually the Wildwood Tarot, on gateways, but never before have I received only one card; that one card says it all.  Part of the dance!

This image is from a bike ride through woods on 7 May, filled with the fragrance of wild garlic and bluebells. The day was hot and sparkling with sun, and the green spaces gave me so much.  Deep gratitude and love to the world of Nature.

04:04 Gateway, 4 April 2018

I was unable to post this yesterday, on the 04:04 Gateway, as my energy was alternating between tremendous bursts of creativity and exhaustion!  I would not have made any sense if I had posted then.   Did you find that your own energy levels were doing the same?  Periods of intense creativity kept me awake most of the night each time, and the day before the 04:04 was particularly productive.  I could not stop; it was a wild creative energy moving through me, and it was wonderful to experience.

The painting which I just finished is of a wanderweg in Switzerland leading to vineyards.  I was there in January and February of 2013, and am only now finding the time to paint what I saw there.  I am, meanwhile, working still on book 3 of a trilogy, as well as poetry, and a series of artwork connected with the book.  In Switzerland the forests tuned-in with me, and there was no separation between us whether I was within them or at a distance. They were with me, part of me; I was part of them and they gave me great inspiration and love which has remained with me.

On this Gateway I feel drawn to connect with the ancient wisdom of trees. They are our sacred roots, and they make deep contact with the Earth.  I am noticing how the word CONNECT(ED) keeps occurring here.  In times of great change, our connection with Mother Earth and the Galaxy is all-important.  It matters not what madness and distraction is occurring on the crumbling stage of 3D as it fades away from us.   The only thing that matters is our connectedness with nature, and with our hearts and souls.  It is time to consider: what is my mission upon the Earth? Why am I here?  And to do it, to take action.  I'll leave you with that thought, dear ones.  With love xx.


I see the Equinox period as 5 days, from 18-22 March, a time of going within for empowerment.  Stepping back from the world and its madness for a time of solitude.  Crazy accusations without any evidence to back them up spring to mind on the world stage.   I hope everyone sees it's just another hoax.  Meanwhile...

I did a 3 card reading for Equinox energies.  1. The Sun.  Shining one's Light for all to see.

2.  Death/Rebirth.  Dying to the old life and understanding the nature of one's own darkness.

The first 2 cards represent fertility and the creative fire; the 3rd is nurturing.

3. Queen of Cups.  Cherishing, honesty, generosity.  Warmth and kindness.

With Eostre, festival of the Saxon hare goddess a week away, the theme is already rebirth.

I've spent the last 5 days doing creative work and walking in nature.  

The snow is gone, so here's a memory of how it was...  a quiet lane.  With love for your own manifesting and empowerment xx.

03:03 Gate 2018.  I took this photo in a car park during the snow, (can it be only a week ago?!) on the 03:03 Gate, 3 March 2018.  Yes, it's snow, but it could almost be the sea, the ebb and flow of waves, the creamy frothing of surf.    Here are the tracks of a single pigeon, tiny arrows pointing the way forward on a powerful gateway.  Previously I was seeing the number 222 everywhere, and now it begins to be 333.   

It made me think of the tracks we make in life; the impressions we leave behind us,  how we move in the world; and how we manifest our hopes and dreams.  I don't really like the word "hope", which is rather nebulous and can mean anything.  It places our attention in the future, when it needs to be in the present, the NOW.

I am busy writing book 3: GATEWAYS (& Sacred Grids), and designing a tool to use, (signifying the grids in the title), and can be used with or without the book.  It's a method of engaging with the very powerful Light energies right now.  Ah, there's that word again.  To be in the now moment is all that matters, and we create our happiness there.  I'll leave you with that thought, and with love.  May all your most positive dreams come true.  Bless you as you read these words, Ann.

And a ps:  There must be a cosmic reason why I had to rest from this website for 1.1/2 years!  During that time I've written several books, many poems, and I've painted to my heart's content.  Thanks for your patience in waiting for me xx. 


Faery presences by the river Kennet at Avebury on 21 December 2016


How are you feeling on this Winter Solstice? The window usually lasts 5 days: 19-23 December this year, I feel.   On 21 December, Winter Solstice exact, I went with a friend

 to 5 places, including Avebury.   5 = change and transformation energies- and I could

not stop talking about the past!  Usually I stay in this moment of now, for this is all there is; the looking-back was necessary though, and all part of the process.  This was a final releasing and purging of the old ways, before we step into a 1 year of new beginnings: 

2017 = 1.  2016 = 9. During this year, we have completed a long sequence during which we balanced our inner divine masculine and divine feminine, when we were tested to the limit, till we finally had to let go of control.  We're being guided to see our own wholeness. Love and blessings to all xx.

1 December 2016

Well, December 2016 already!  You will have noticed that I don't post all the time. I am finding the solar light energies coming to the planet very powerful, and that means more time walking in nature, doing creative work (which includes working on book 3: Gateways), and RESTING!

I've almost finished the first edit of Gateways, in the trilogy Temple of the Sun and Moon.

So that is why I haven't been posting.  

I don't know about you, but I find I cannot tolerate too much electromagnetic energy and wifi, particularly as I become more and more sensitive.  We are all transforming, and remembering why we came here to the Earth, and it is wonderful, so exciting and empowering!  We are divine beings of Light.

Blessings to you all on the first day of December, just after the Sagittarius New Moon (which knocked me out!). zzzzzzzzzzzz from me for now xx.


08:08 Gate and Lion's Gate Portal 26 July to 8 August 2016

The Mayan New Year begins on 26 July, as does the Lion's Gate Portal.  This is a powerful gateway of change as the New Year begins, and the ancient Egyptians knew it as the period of the flooding of the Nile, a time of great abundance.    Powerful Light Codes from the constellation Leo come to Earth via the Sun, says Cayelin Castell in her Celestial Timings website, and I had to rest more in order to open up to those amazing Light Codes.  

I also recommend Pantherjim1995 for his insights on the coming eclipses:  Lunar eclipse/Aquarius Full Moon of 18 August, and 2 weeks later, solar eclipse/New Moon in Virgo of 1 September.  There's a third: lunar eclipse/Full Moon in Pisces on 16 September.  We can look forward to enormous, positive changes in our lives through these eclipses.

I'm writing a 3rd book in a series, and have not been into this website very much.  Apologies!  However, I have also been having problems with the editing tool, which has vanished, so I cannot edit the text.  Perhaps this is about accepting things as they are, and not trying to change anything;  just to accept what is.  

I've finished book 2, Temples, in the series of 3, and have some available for purchase.  Now I'm on  book 3, GATEWAYS.  I would normally have a break after finishing a book, or even a holiday by now.  Instead I have to press on, but it is such joy writing book 3, GATEWAYS, in the TEMPLE OF THE SUN AND MOON series that, when I am in it, I am in bliss.  I am writing about mountains, forests, and lakes, and I long to be there.  I am there in spirit, and I reach out to touch the forests, and they embrace me in their green foliage.  Love to all xxx.

Heart message for 4 July 2016 New Moon in Cancer

Cancer New Moon of 4 July 2016

"I am your heart, and I give you this advice: let yourself go. Let all fall away, and allow yourself to come to rest, like a butterfly on a flower. Inhale the beautiful fragrance of this flower, and enjoy the moment. Love is all around you, and you are nourished by spirit even when you think not".

Happy Solstice everyone!  I'm sorry, I haven't been able to access the website for a while now, and yet tonight suddenly I'M IN!!  No problems at all.  There are times when we just need to switch off from trying to do everything, and I think I have been in that space since the last post in.... er.... February!  The only thing now is, I don't see the bar which allows me to edit the text.  Hmmm?  Where's it gone?  AND WHAT is all this telling me?

My Heart has been advising me to wait, and to keep building my energies as part of a strengthening process.  So, hence the silence.  You must think I don't bother with this website? Well I DO!!

I've just finished an inspiring book by Melvyn Bragg about the Peasants' Revolt which occurred in England in June 1381, and it's no coincidence that I was reading it in the month of JUNE.  The book title is also relevant:  NOW IS THE TIME.  This is a quote from a speech by John Ball, a priest who was one of the leaders, along with Wat Tyler.  Their protest was against  unjust laws and crippling taxation, and the whole country rose in support against the greedy aristocracy.

Right now, as the people of France rise up against the unjust changes to their labour laws, I am reminded of what I have recently read.  It all ended badly in 1381, of course, when the King and his lords trapped the rebels, and killed Wat Tyler; later  King Richard II went back on his promises to the rebels - forgiveness and pardons, and an agreement to all their terms - and later pursued a policy of relentless revenge, advised by his devious counsellors.   

However, in June 2016 our revolution is spiritual, is of the energy field.  I choose to see the theme of NOW IS THE TIME as limitlessness.  We are all divine beings.   May you rise up (as a Lightbeing) and become all that you can be, and deserve to be!   With love xx.

On 8 February 2016, Happy Chinese New Year of the Red Fire Monkey!  I spent today in London, where the weather was wild and windy and wet, yet it was wonderful too.  I am writing book 2 of the Temple of the Sun and Moon trilogy right now, so I haven't been posting very much.  Love to all xxx.

The pineapple represents the pineal gland which is opening up within us all, bringing back our dormant powers; it also carries the energy of the spiral.  All life moves in spirals:  from our DNA to galaxies.

This building is in Portland Place, close to Regent's Park; the weather was a little too wild and windy to walk there, so I went to St Paul's Cathedral next.

On top of each of the towers there is a similar pineapple.

In a ruined church around the corner from St Paul's underground station, I photographed a huge pineapple in the grounds; that  church was  designed by the same architect who designed St Paul's: Christopher Wren.  

The pineal gland holds so much promise for the infinite Beings that we all are.  


With love on the Aquarius New Moon.  May it bring you inspirational awakening xx.  


Hi, how are you? I'm sorry it's been a  loooong time since I posted. I've been busy with other social media, writing a book, and taking time out (well it is summer!).  I also found that I was very tired around the 08:08:08 Gateway, plus before it and after it! Today I am just going with the flow, and the following came to me:

Think about space. How far does your own space extend? Is it miraculously big, or has it shrunk at all? If so, let yourself dream it bigger, create it bigger, envision it bigger.

The bigger your aura, the more you can create in the world. Check your aura now. Has it splintered off? Then smooth and shimmer it into softness again. Is it glowing with colours? What colours are they? (Mine were pink, beige, neutral colours! I had been disappearing). OK then, how to magnify your aura into a blossoming, blooming space of sparkling joy and aliveness? Create it as yellow, cream and vanilla! Now it sings! You get the picture? Great. Now for some fun. Imagine yourself in that special forest which draws you onward, with mountains not too far away from you. You are in a safe space to create.

Now, enlarge your aura as big as the planet. You can do it; it is quite safe. Now the Galaxy. Now the Universe. And gradually, slowly, pull back your aura till it fits your safe living space, the entire flat. And now the room you inhabit right now. You have pulled back your aura to a comfortable space.

How do you feel? I feel a new softness all around me, like vanilla icecream, and a more relaxed state.

Aquarius/Pisces New Moon, 18 February 2015

The astrologer Kelley Rosano says of this New Moon:

"What are you completing?  What are you beginning?  Where do you shine the brightest? Make that leap of faith.  Take a chance. What would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail?".   Well?

New Moons are 3-day windows, as you know.  On the day before the first day of this New Moon, I had to change all the passwords and numbers in my life, due to an on-line fiasco.

And today, I am filled with optimism for life and all that it can show me.  I have stepped through a Gateway!

I had several days in Cornwall recently; the result of a deep craving for the sea and sand. Here's the mystical St Michael's Mount seen from Penzance,  like a distant mirage, or a knight's castle from a faery tale.

November 2014

Apologies there are no recent blogs, but my energy seemed to be otherwise occupied, so I didn't try writing about anything when my heart wasn't in it.    During October and November a very deep process has been going on for us all, an intense releasing and purging prior to December, and I look forward to a beautiful 2015 for us all.

On 31 October, Hallowe'en/Samhain I went to Luzern in Switzerland for two days to celebrate the portal between the dimensions; and  the following day, All Saints, is a holiday in Switzerland.  I flew to Basel, as it is a portal/gateway too, sitting as it does on the borders of three countries.

Thank goodness it is 1 December tomorrow, and hopefully we have moved through the entire letting-go process now!    Love and blessings to all xxx. Annie.


Happy Solstice!  I experienced the Summer Solstice as a 7-day window this year, which began on 18 June and ended on 24 June (St John the Baptist's feastday and a Festival of Light).  I  was led to 13 different Temples in the landscape during the 7 days.  (My book, Temple of the Sun and Moon: The Water Speaks, was finally published on Kindle on 17 June!).

The Iron Age fort of Maiden Castle in Dorset (which also had a Roman temple on its top at one time), was enchanting.  The 7 days were magical, with blue skies and hot sunshine from dawn to dusk, which I'm sure we all experienced with intense gratitude!   At Maiden Castle  I tuned-in to the ancient ones, and they advised me to be open to new opportunities coming to me!

I was most conscious of the voices of the sheep,  so different from each other in tone, and I listened as mothers and children called to each other.  Each one of them is as unique as we are.  I experienced them as powerful beings, watching over the landscape.  They deserve our respect and love; they have every right to be here, just as much as we do, and to live peaceful and fulfilled lives.

The Iron Age hillfort of  Maiden Castle, watched over by the resident  flock of sheep, one of whom is pictured here - looking suitably sphinx-like.

Annie's Blog


As we approach the Summer Solstice, I finally uploaded the 5th edit of the Temple book for Kindle.  As I had to redo it so many times  - FIVE, a special number for me - I grew to be comfortable with the process, and knew that for the remaining 6 smaller books, it would be that much easier!  It will be ready in 48 hours, so will be available certainly by 20 June, and another 24 hours for inside pages to be available for viewing.

Yesterday was difficult for me.  Feelings of loss and overwhelm, and being in the void.  Then I looked up astrology site, one of my favourites, and there was an article which returned me to my sense of peace. It spoke of us being in the space between the death of the old, and the birth of the new, and going deep within to understand what this particular ending is about.  As Robert Wilkinson says, "Forced to confront various life voids, and learning to hold the empty space, to get a better sense of our magnetic roots to the source of life".  Thank you Robert, those words gave me such comfort!

And today was so much sweeter....

I hope these words lift you too.  Blessings, Annie x.

AMPHORAE 2, glass painting.  Ann Carton


I felt the need to go to sacred sites over the 3 days of this Full Moon window, so I went to Avebury, and Lacock Abbey gardens.  I woke up at 4am on Thursday morning, 12 June, and saw this lovely halo around the moon.  The other mornings I was woken by the birds singing at 5.15!  So today, Friday 13 June, and FM exact, I was too exhausted to go anywhere.

At Avebury I walked down the ceremonial Avenue of stones, and  I did feel a sense of ceremony, that some tremendous shift was happening.  There were many golden-brown and green beetles flying around me, and when I returned home, there was one on my bed!  The scarab, symbol of death and rebirth. The old life is definitely gone.  I feel quite lost at the moment, as if my heart were on the outside of me, and

very, very sensitive to everything, particularly if anyone  acts unkindly or thoughtlessly towards the world of nature.  This has been causing me great distress.  Anyway, the day at Avebury certainly helped!  Perhaps you have been feeling the same?

HI, IT'S THE 06:06 GATEWAY:   another energy Gateway to move through.  If you've been feeling exhausted all week, or for the past few weeks, then you're defo not alone.

(I felt too tired to do a blog around the  28 May Gemini New Moon, and my neck (the past!) gave me some problems for a short while, as I was too much at the computer, editing my book for Kindle.   It's still not ready ... everything in good time, or divine timing!

We're all experiencing heightened sensitivity, grief, and a sense of loss and overwhelm  now.

This is partly due to  Saturn in Scorpio (Molly Hall astrology says that Saturn is in Scorpio from 

October 2012 - 24 December 2014), plus Saturn and Jupiter  are forming a grand water trine with Chiron, the wounded healer, for all of June (!!), says Kelley Rosano, astrologer.

This is bringing up all our issues, and anything that needs releasing has to go.

Things I see in the world are distressing me, and to deal with this I have to exercise 

daily, and walk in nature daily too, just to stay on top of things.  I hope these few words help you in these transformational times.

Love and blessings, Annie xx.

05:05 Gateway 

Hi, and welcome to my blog!  Thanks for reading, and comments are welcome.

Today is 5 May, another double-number Energy Gateway, and you're probably feeling a lot of cleansing and clearing going on, as we release anything that holds us back from being all that we can be.  We are preparing to step into our new selves.  I felt a big release in the early hours of this morning, and now I am just buzzing with energy!  I hope you are too.  

We are all here for a purpose.  Time to remember it, and live it.

Blessings, Annie.