Ann Carton 
Writer, Artist, Poet, Channel.
I speak for the Seas, Forests and Mountains.

Messages from the world of Nature

Customer Testimonials

"The Globe enraptured me, and allowed a vivid sensory experience for a young blind girl I work with, opening up a magical world of beauty and divine knowledge; an amazing tool in my work, and a meditative journey for me.  Each chapter made me want to join all the characters in the underwater party of life.  Reading The Globe felt like a metaphoric transition towards unity and beauty".

Mia MacAllister, reader


The Globe: "I like the language, the way it's written.  The Globe is heartfelt - written from the heart - and touched my emotions.   It was soothing to read, and the characters are sweet and endearing".

- Myra Hand, retired paramedic


Temple of the Sun and Moon, book 1:  THE WATER SPEAKS  
"Calming and uplifting, vibrant and colourful".             - Lyn Brown, retired human resources officer
"Colourful, and it speaks directly to you, the reader".  - Helena Dunne, company director
"Really good!".                                                             -    Tasmin Dunne, aged 9, at school.

Very beautiful, amazing, written from the heart, a journey that made many of us inspired....thank you Ann Carton for writing such a wonderful book".
Fortuna Giustino, reader

The Water Speaks

"The book is beautiful.  It made me feel so peaceful".  Nick McKenna.